Many of you, especially beginners, have probably been told that you need to follow through more consistently or that you need to finish your swing more often. Finishing your stroke is one of the most important parts of becoming a good, consistent tennis player.

Often players do not finish their swings in hopes that they will have more control over their shot. However, for a kind of reasons, this is doing more damage than good.

Not following through can hurt your arm and eventually lead to tennis elbow. By stopping your swing your adding more pressure and tension to your elbow, which can result in injury. You also lose spin, power, and accuracy by not finishing your stroke. The quicker you accelerate your racket head through the ball, the more spin you create. Spin, especially topspin helps us keep the ball in play, so by not following through we lose that topspin, which can then lead to more unforced errors. Clearly, we lose nearly all of our power if we don’t finish our swing. All of these elements add up to meaning that our follow through, as simple as it may be, is crucial to becoming a better tennis player.


Think of a major league pitcher or a quarterback in the NFL, and they would never stop their arm movement as quickly as they release the ball. They allow their arm to finish its natural motion and the finish their throw or stroke. The same should apply to your tennis game. Whether you are serving or hitting groundstrokes, you always need to complete your stroke and fully complete the follow through.

Accelerating through the ball is crucial to adding more spin and more power to your groundstrokes and serve. Even though you may think that by swinging faster and finishing your stroke you may hit more balls out, the added topspin will help keep your balls in play. The myth of correct tennis techniques is important to discus with all tennis beginners, so they can learn the basic.




The information you will find in this article will teach you the ideal tennis grips, how and when you can use them, as well as how to make hard shots. I will further provide you with a few essential tennis tips for instance mental preparations to even warm ups and most definitely general tennis knowledge which you may have always been searching for.

In circumstances where you need to run over some meters in order to get to the ball, the ideal technique you will need to use in such a situation is the 100-meter runner beginning technique:

  • First, let go of any hand that is supporting a racket handle very fast.
  • Take long steps and make it as long as you possibly can when you are starting to run so as you gain speed.
  • Your leg and arm movement should coordinate which maintains momentum and speed.
  • Focus your eyes on the tennis ball.
  • Adding to the slide a bit before making contact with the ball when you are playing on clay is vital otherwise you can hit the tennis ball on a run or maybe try slowing down, then step up and then hit.

This technique is so good when you want to play tennis like a pro and yet most individuals never think about it when they are playing tennis. The other thing that several people never consider in most cases is how to grip a tennis racket properly.

Having a good tennis grip is relevant for you when you are playing tennis. One of the handiest and flexible forehand grips in tennis is known as an eastern forehand tennis grip and it is comfortable in making slices, great topspins and flat hits. An eastern forehand racket grip is ideal for high and low balls. A good two hand backhand grip never exists and hence combining grips that you are comfortable with can work perfectly for the two-hander. For initial grips, most players prefer a continental grip, which is perfect for slices and topspins without having to use a lot of power when serving.  If you want to make to a very powerful kick during the first serve, you need to try to turn your grip to an eastern-backhand grip.

A combination of the eastern and continental backhand grip is mainly popular for mostly second serves. You can use an eastern or continental forehand grip for overheads depending on which technique you feel you will be comfortable with when playing. In case a ball spinning is essential to make an overhead, then a continental grip will be helpful for you to use. This is about tennis grips relating to when and how to use each grip, now let’s proceed to exciting and useful tennis tips. For More Visit

Best Tennis Racquets Review Of 2017- Pick Top Rated

For those who are just getting started as a tennis player, all the tennis racquets look pretty similar. Because of this, it may seem as it makes no difference which style, size, or brand to choose, as they do the same thing. On the other hand, while it is true that the tennis racquets have same basic function, there can be a great difference in the way they perform. This is why it is necessary to choose the best tennis racquets to make every game worthwhile.
How do you choose the right tennis racquets? Here is a review of the best tennis racquets that will guide you all throughout your buying journey. Hope you will get insights among the wide range of choices available out there.
Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquets
These best tennis racquets are suited for intermediate players who have a moderating swing. These racquets mainly feature the Volcanic Frame Technology, which offers the tennis players with all the power as well as control they crucially need to play an amazing game. These tennis racquets are primarily designed to be very easy to swing even without exerting too much power or even maneuverability. The 110 inches head these racquets have mainly give enough amount of hitting space. The power bridge on the other hand is responsible for increasing the hitting power while reducing the vibration with the help of Stop Shock Pads. For those players who are in search of tennis racquets that can handle moderate play, these best tennis racquets are the best options.
Head Liquidmetal 8
With huge sweet spot, Head Liquidmetal 8 is the ideal combination of both control and power. All aspects that are added together really make these best tennis racquets solid choices most especially for intermediate tennis players. Even though these suffer when it comes to its power for the stronger tennis players, these are till among the most suited tennis racquets to whole array of styles. These racquets have highly specialized dampening system responsible for removing the vibrations for about 27%. This makes for a more comfortable game knowing that these racquets are very light.
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
There is a deal debate right in the tennis world whether this Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is for beginners or not. When it comes to the ease of use, these best tennis racquets can let the inexperienced players quickly master it. These racquets are lightweight, but there is an assurance that it will not compromise the power. In addition to that, these racquets also have a very nice level of control. This is made even better as they can generate formidable spot. These will serve to work on the player’s techniques and swing, while improving the player’s game. For those beginners to advanced tennis players, Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 will always make a great marked difference to every game.
Babolat Pure Drive
This is considered as one of the best tennis racquets all across the world. It has capability to make a very powerful shot that will certainly satisfy tennis players with a very strong swing. But it does not mean that anything is sacrificed. As a matter of fact, it has great control as well as an amazing spin capability. Even it provides control and power; it is not the easiest tennis racquet to utilize. This is suited for experienced tennis players who have the necessary skills to match the quality of this kind of tennis racquet. Intermediate to a more advanced tennis player will absolutely find Babolat Pure Drive a wise choice.
Babolat Pure Aero
This is suited for young tennis players who are just getting right into tennis. It is very convenient and easy to utilize with its large sweet pot as well as low weight aluminum frame. With this, the young tennis players will never get tired easily or quit playing the game because they are not hitting the tennis ball well.
So, that is the best tennis racquets players can choose from. Are you now ready to improve your game? Why not use any of the above listed tennis racquets? Rest assured that there is always one that best suits your needs. These tennis racquets will definitely spice up your game and will make you even more motivated to give your best every time you play tennis.
For more information about Tennis Racquets visit here